Some Self-Promotion

NOTE: The Growth Economics Blog has moved sites. Click here to find this post at the new site.

The CSAE blog has put up a research summary about my paper with Markus Eberhardt, on agricultural technology and agricultural productivity (which are different things).


One thought on “Some Self-Promotion

  1. You may not be aware but after connecting to Amazon and your book on growth, I discovered that they are promoting you as an up and coming growth economist. They also said that people who bought your book also bought Easterly on elusive growth.
    But I am really pleased to get this link to the people in Oxford and I think they deserve a few comments. On a quick perusal of their site they don’t seem to have as many comments as they deserve.
    I also posted your post on Deaton on cgdev under Goodman on ODA without your permission.

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