What He Said…

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When I grow up, I want to be Lant Pritchett. He gives an excellent summary of issues that I’ve tried to get my head around before.

Lant’s big question is “Are interventions being evaluated important for development?”. I think the answer is no. The interventions – bed nets, micro-credit, deworming – are crucially important for poverty alleviation. But that does necessarily have anything to do with economic development.


2 thoughts on “What He Said…

  1. No, you don’t. As much as I am on the fence over RTC, I think he seems to argue that we should only repeat policies that were successful in the past. Given his intellect, I am sure that is not what he implies (and he tries to defend himself in the comments). In any case your blog is more interesting.

    • I don’t think that’s quite what he’s arguing. Knowing that adding textbooks to classrooms raises test scores by x% is good to know. But Korea didn’t achieve rapid growth because someone dropped textbooks on the country. The big question is why Korea got their act together and provided textbooks themselves without needing any intervention.

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