Moving Day!

The Growth Economics Blog is moving to a new site. I’ve consolidated the blog with my personal website (research, class info) into

  • RSS feed. There is a new RSS feed you’ll need to receive posts. Click the link to put the feed in your favorite RSS reader.
  • Email subscribers. You should not have to do anything. I’ve exported the e-mails of everyone, and set up a MailChimp account that will forward you new posts as they come out. If you don’t see anything in a few days, check your spam or let me know at “ ” and I’ll get it sorted.
  • Twitter. There should still be tweets for each new post, so if you find me @DietzVollrath, nothing to worry about.
  • Comments. These are enabled on the new site, although you might need to put in your email/name the first time you post. Existing comments have been ported over to the new site.

I’ll be cross-posting on both sites for a limited time, hoping to catch anyone who misses out.

In case you’re curious, I bought the new domain name using money I received from Amazon links on my site. When I post an Amazon link, and you purchase anything, I get a small percentage. The amount I get is sufficient to buy pizza and beer about once a month. This Christmas the Roman History Reading List generated more action, and I blew it on buying the domain name. Thanks!

I also switched over because I wanted more control over the blog site and my own site. I got frustrated writing in Latex or Markdown, and then having to jump through hoops to get my posts ready for WordPress. I’m using Jekyll and Github on the new site, for those that are interested. It’s built totally on static text files, which is something that satisfies my Unix lizard-brain.

I’m sure that I have screwed something up, so if you find yourself unable to read the blog or link to old pages, just let me know. Thanks for reading.

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